A Few Important Facts about Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare is actually of two types: – Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Original Medicare is run by the federal government and is of Part A (which provides hospital insurance) and Part B medicines (which provides medical insurance). Medicare Advantage is run by private health insurance companies that contract with the government and are of Part C medicines.

All of us wants to live in this world so we go to the best doctors and hospital to get yourself checked. Personally, can say from my bitter-sweet experience that hospital bills can get you any time but anyone can get through there hurdle of a big medical bill if the person has a medical plan.

A medical plan is what we call a medical insurance. In today’s world, it is easy to get a medical insurance as they are readily available and have many standards some medical plans are so cheap they literally come at 1 dollar down payment.


Supplement plan does not replace Original Medicare but works like Original Medicare coverage. It’s more like an extra you can add on top of Original Medicare. It gives extra apart from Part A and Part B coverage.

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Medicare is generally of two types one is original Medicare which is your actual medical plan which is the main framework, the other is your medicare advantage which is generally Medicare Supplement plans. These plans help you to pay your medical bills out of your own pocket.

There are many medical plans in (Medicare supplement plans) Medigap they range from a ton you already know about the plan A and bit is generally hospital bills and medical bills respectively.

Now let’s talk about the other plans briefly

Medigap plans pay 100% of covered expenses after Original Medicare pays its share.

The Costs include: –

  • Coinsurance of a person.
  • After completing your Medicare-covered days your hospital cost will increase.
  • When you have completed your Medicare-covered days you must bare a huge amount of money for skilled nursing.

Insurance Plan does not get Medigap

Some types of insurance that are not Medigap:

  • Medicare Prescription Drug Plans.
  • Long Term Care Insurance Policy.
  • Vision or Dental Care.
  • Hearing Aids.
  • Eye Glasses, etc.

All about Medigap Plans

Standard plans are labeled A to N and offer different levels of health coverage. Although plans E, H, I, and J are no longer available to new subscribers. Plan N is most widely used.

Thank you, hope this information was helpful.